TERROIR, Los Andes, Argentina

The importance of "Los Andes"

The Andes, is a mountain range and a natural barrier, a point of reference, a terroir where some of the most elegant and original wines of the Argentine portfolio are born.

The soils of the Andes are composed of different types of rocks and soils that contribute substantially to the quality of the wine. In these soils, which are characterized by having a very good drainage, the best wines can be produced.

The influence of the mountain range in the climate is manifested by a warming in winter and spring, but an opposite effect in the summer months. This increase in temperatures is caused by the movement of warm, dry air that circulates from the interior of the mountain range to the valley. It is a key factor because it tempers the vineyards in the spring season, anticipating the budding of the vines.

Cooling is even more important for grapes. It is caused by the cold radiation that originates in the hillside at nightfall. The hillside loses the heat accumulating during the day due to its exposure to the sun and becomes colder than the ambient air. This phenomenon is called the slope wind and cools the air surrounding the vines.

In general terms, wines from the foot of the Andes obtain a superior quality.


Wine Regions in Mendoza

Where the Cordillera de Los Andes reaches its greatest height, is the province of Mendoza. Framing an emblematic viticultural tour, which includes from small producers to the most important companies in the country. In an admirable desert geography, extensive grape oases are achieved thanks to patient human work; what turns vitiviniculture into a mystical product of the region, into a part of its identity. Site of great natural, historical and patrimonial values; offers more than what can be imagined in wine tourism. Added to a multiple offer of rural tourism, adventure, or skiing, always with wine as a company.

On the foothills of the Andes mountain range, the cultivated vineyards of Tunuyán, Tupungato and San Carlos are erected. This is the origin of the famous Malbec, which achieves an incomparably superior quality in the area. These small rural villas with a magnificent mountain landscape in the background, have a strong viticultural identity that opens up joyful to its visitors. Offering in its cellars all kinds of activities, possibilities and sensations, with some created thinking exclusively of the delight of those who will visit them.

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